Marshall Lane Elementary School

Safety First!!!

Be careful out there!

Every day, 460 students arrive and leave our school during short periods of time. Our parking lot is very busy so PLEASE exercise caution and drive slowly!


Students may only be dropped off and enter your vehicle from the passenger side of your car. Allowing children to exit or enter your car from the driver’s side puts them at risk for being hit by an oncoming vehicle. 


When you pull up to the curb, there is no need to get out. Please allow your child to exit or enter your car on the passenger side and move forward to let others drop off  or pick up their children. Students should be wearing their masks and their backpack and water bottle need to be within reach when they arrive at school each morning.


If you choose to park and walk your child to the entrance, please use the crosswalk. Crossing between cars puts you and your child at risk and does not teach them the correct place to cross. We appreciate all of your help in keeping our students safe!