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Updated Thu, Jun 17th

Summer has finally arrived and we are all ready for a break! Thanks again for partnering with us over the past school year to educate your children!

Here are some important reminders and information to assist you over the summer:

  • Our office will be closed from June 18th through July 28th.
  • To contact the district office: or call (408) 364-4200

  • Students return to school for the 2020-2021 school year on Thursday, August 19th!

    • TK/Kinder Assessment will be held from 9:00 to 3:00 on Tuesday, August 10th. Letters will be sent out in early August to all families of TK and Kindergarten students with an appointment time for Kindergarten Round Up assessment.

  • Has everyone in your family that is at least 12 years old been vaccinated? You can obtain information regarding free  COVID19 Vaccines at

  • Need food for the summer? Find Seamless Summer meals information at

Please continue to check our school and district website over the summer and especially at the beginning of August for more information regarding the start of the new school year.

Have a wonderful summer! See you in the fall!


Updated Fri, Jun 11th
On June 9th, we celebrated all of our 5th graders as well as 5th grade students who participated in the CampbellDistance Learning Program this year. The parade was a festive celebration with banners, balloons, swag, certificates, and bundtinis! A special thanks to our Marshall Lane teachers and PTA for helping to make this a memorable event for our students and their families.
Our wonderful Campbell Care leader, Mr. KK also known as Kevin Theobold did an excellent job producing a memory video for the students. Here it is in case you would like to take a look at it. Thanks to Mr. KK for all of his work on this great project!

Our staff wishes you a wonderful summer and a successful new school year. Don't forget--school begins on August 19th, 2021 for the 2021-2022 school year. We will see you all then!

Updated 14 min 18 sec ago

In order to support our students this year, Chromebooks were distributed to all. At this time, if your child/ren has not yet returned their Chromebook, charging cord, and hot spot (if they have one), please do so. Over the summer, our Tech Department will clean and repair all of the Chromebooks to prepare them for the 2021-2022 school year. Thank you!

Updated 14 min 18 sec ago

Students are allowed to bring cell phones to school. However, they must be in their backpacks and turned off. No photos should be taken at school or shared on social media. Thanks for talking to you children about this if you allow them to bring their cell phones to school.

Updated 14 min 18 sec ago

Now that students are back in school, drop off and pick up are the busiest times of the day. Since the weather is so beautiful, many students are opting to ride their bicycles or walk to school. If your student is riding to school, please make sure that they understand how to ride safely. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Riding carefully and watching out for pedestrians and cars

  • Walking their bike while on school property

  • Locking up their bike on one of the two bike racks

  • When crossing a street, please wait for the light to tell you to go. If there is not light, use the crosswalk or cross only at a corner--not in the middle of a block.


If you are dropping your child off in their designated parking lot, please follow all safety rules. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving 15 miles per hour in the parking lot

  • Following all traffic rules

  • Noticing if there are people in or near the crosswalk and yielding to them

  • Pull up as far as you can to drop your student(s) off to allow cars behind you to pull up to drop off their children

  • Keeping safety in mind at all times

  • If you need to park to visit the office, please use the crosswalks when walking across the parking lot


Our motto is “Safety First!” Thank you for your efforts to keep our parking lots and the streets surrounding our campus safe!


Updated 14 min 18 sec ago

Marshall Lane has always had many volunteers on campus every day to assist our staff with supervising and supporting our students. Now that full time in-person instruction has been able to resume, we are now able to hire additional noon aides to help with supervision at lunch time as well as before and after school. If you are interested in applying for a paid position to assist in this way--even if you can only help one or two days a week--please email our principal, Priscilla Spencer as soon as possible at pspencer [at] ().


Carefully screened volunteers will also be allowed to help with parking lot duty and at lunch time. The following form will need to be filled out and submitted. In addition, proof of a Tb test and fingerprinting is required. Our district nurses can assist with performing the Tb tests and fingerprinting can be done, at no cost to you, in our neighboring Moreland School District. It only takes a few minutes of your time and will allow you to assist outdoors at this time and in classrooms sometime in the future. We would love to have you back to help us!


For more information, please email Mrs. Spencer at the address above. Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Once you are signed up as a volunteer, the application will carry over into the 2021-2022 school year. Here is the form that you will need to fill out and submit to us. Thank you in advance for your help!

Updated 14 min 18 sec ago

The day that we all have been waiting for during the entire 2020-2021 school year is finally coming to Marshall Lane on Monday, May 3rd! We are all so thrilled to be able to welcome all of our students back full time! It will be great to have everyone back together again!

Here are the drop off and pick up times along with the parking lot locations for each grade level. Please note that locations in red are the ones that have changed to try to cut down on the back up in the parking lots.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 

TK/K--drop off at 7:50 and pick up at 1:30 in the lower lot

1st grade--drop off at 7:50 and pick up at 2:00 in the upper lot

2nd & 3rd grades--drop off at 8:10 and pick up at 2:20 in the upper lot

4th & 5th grades--drop off at 8:10 and pick up at 2:20 in the lower lot


Wednesday drop off times are the same. Pick up times are:

Tk/Kin the lower lot--11:30

1st grade in the upper lot--12:00

2nd & 3rd grades in the upper lot--12:20

4th & 5th grades in the lower lot--12:20

If you have students in multiple grade levels, you may drop them off together in the younger child’s parking lot. The older student may walk the younger one to their classroom and then wait in the eating area.

At the end of the day, please pick up your younger child first. Feel free to park in either lot to wait for your older child. To help with pick up, please pull all the way up in the pick up line and have your child walk up to your car.

Our staff is looking forward to making the last five weeks of school the best time of the 2020-2021 school year!


Updated 14 min 18 sec ago

Thank you all for your patience as we navigate the new arrival and dismissal procedures. We are refining the processes on a daily basis. 


Bike riding is allowed and encouraged. The bike racks near Campbell Care are available to lock up the bikes. If you walk in, you may also wait for your student(s) away from the cohort groups to pick them up. Please be good role models by social distancing from others.


Here are some reminders that help to make this process smoother:

  • Display the placard with your child’s name in your front window for pick up. This really helps facilitate the process. If you have lost your placard, please make a sign that is 8 ½” x 11” for your window.

  • Pull up as far as possible to allow for cars to move in and out once students are loaded into their vehicles.

  • Do not get out of your car to open the door or trunk for your students. This really slows down the process. Students should enter and exit through the door on the school side and keep their backpack with them. For safety, do not allow your children to get out on the street side of the vehicle.

  • Be sure to send a water bottle and an extra mask or two with your child along with whatever their teachers have asked them to bring.


Together, we can make this a smooth, pleasant process for everyone! Thank you for your support!


Updated 14 min 18 sec ago
When students return to school on March 22nd for TK to 2nd grades and on March 29th for 3rd to 5th grades, ALL students will be expected to wear a mask at all times when they are not eating or drinking. Please make sure that the mask fits well and that your child has practiced wearing it for extended periods of time.
Also, drinking fountains have been turned off, so each child should bring at least one water bottle and a snack to eat at recess time. Children will not be eating lunch at school, but "grab & go" bag lunches will be provided for any student who wants to take one home to eat it there.
Updated 14 min 18 sec ago

To help prepare children for all of the things that have changed at school, please take a few minutes to share this book with them and discuss the fact that our staff is eager to welcome our students back, but that they will notice a lot of changes when they return and some new rules will be in place.

PDF iconmarshall_lane_copy_of_cusd_ready_to_return_student_ebook.pdf