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Updated Mon, Jan 6th

Marshall Lane’s Girls on the Run is looking for some awesome COACHES for the 2020 GOTR season. Coaching can be for both afternoons or as a part-time coach for one afternoon.

Practice will be held at Marshall Lane on Wednesdays and Fridays after school.

Wednesday from 2pm till 3:30 and Fridays from 3pm till 4:30. 

For more information you can contact: Linda Schlimbach by email : lindaschlimbach [at] or by phone : (408) 878-5586.

Or Adrien van Matre, Shauna Shawareb or Alma Rose.

Updated Sun, Jan 5th

Our local Santa Clara County Office of Education is offering a class for parents entitled Parent Project Junior Training.  This series is for parents of elementary aged students. The class combines parenting tips with information about helping children academically. The series is 6 weeks long and takes place on Tuesday mornings from 10:30 to 12:00. For more information, check out the flyer in our Peachjar.

Updated Fri, Nov 22nd

Project Cornerstone Book-of-the-Month #2

Dear Parents/Guardian: 

This month in your child’s classroom, we will be reading the book The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson. This book provides opportunities for conversations around tolerance and acceptance of others, while also ensuring that children are given the tools for taking the first step to make themselves included. It also makes us aware about the importance of creating a caring school climate where everyone feels they belong. The goal is to help the students embrace and nurture each individual for who they are

We discuss these behaviors: 

• Greet each other authentically 

• Don’t make fun of others 

• Resolve misunderstandings and disagreements immediately 

• Listen, listen, listen 

• Speak clearly, directly, and honestly 

• Use your voice 

• Don’t be afraid to ask to be included 

• Ask others to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences 

• Be brave

We hope you will talk with your child about The Day You Begin. To reinforce the message at home: 

▪ Brainstorm ideas to do intentional acts of caring for family, friends, and neighbors. Choose one or two to do together. 

▪ Give positive reinforcement to your child for actions and remarks that show empathy and compassion for others. 

By teaching our children the importance of accepting others and sharing intentional acts of caring, we create a stronger school community where all students feel safe and know that they belong. 

Updated Tue, Nov 5th

Volunteers and paid yard duty noon aides supervise our students during lunch.  We are in desperate need for people to help us with this.  If you are able to help from 11:30 to 1:00 one or more days per week, please stop by our office or call us at (408) 364-4259.  We can inform you about how to sign up to volunteer or apply to be paid to fill one of these positions on a full or part time basis.  Please consider helping us with this!  Thank you!

Updated Mon, Nov 4th

The state has finally released the test results for last spring’s standardized tests. Click on the link below to explore the various areas.

The science assessment scores will not be available until January 2020. The site says that the ELPAC (ELD) scores will not be available until the state verifies the results. When they are released, I will share them with you.

Updated Thu, Oct 10th

As you know, birthdays and birthday parties are a big deal for children. These events are looked forward to with great anticipation.

Please be mindful that invitations of any kind should not be distributed at school when children are present. This leads to hurt feelings and tears if some children are invited and others are not. Please be aware of the potential impact on our students and find another way to invite children to a party that you are giving. Thank you!

Updated Thu, Oct 10th

Campbell Union School District permits students to carry cellular phones.  However, students may not use  cellular phones during the school day.  This is a rule at Marshall Lane that is also enforced at Rolling Hills Middle School. 

Cellular phones mustbe turned off during the school day and kept in the student’s backpack so as not to disturb or disrupt instruction.   Students who violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action. The District assumes no liability for the loss or theft of cellular phones.  If your student carries a cell phone, please review this policy with them.

Updated Thu, Sep 19th

Each year at the Spring Fling, two parking spaces in the upper lot are part of the Silent Auction offerings. Parents bid on these spaces and then are able to use them for the entire school year. Spaces are clearly marked. Please do not park in these spaces. Thank you!

Updated Wed, Sep 4th

September is Attendance Month! It is essential for your healthy student(s) to be at school on time every day ready to learn. Please plan vacations around the school schedule.  Our job is to teach your child, and we are unable to do so if they are not present every day. We appreciate you partnering with us to provide the best possible education for your children. Thank you!

Updated Fri, Aug 16th

If you would like to help support your student's classroom this year, please click on the approprate link below for optional donations for each grade level.  We appreciate your support!  Thank you!

Transitional Kindergarten:

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1st Grade:

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2nd Grade:

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3rd Grade:

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5th Grade:

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