5th Grade

Fifth-grade students read a wide range of materials, including literature from different times and cultures and informational text on grade-level topics in all subject areas. The emphasis is on students’ comprehension of complex narrative and informational texts. In their writing, students learn to group related information logically; use words, phrases, and clauses to link opinions to reasons; and to connect ideas to related ideas.  They engage in collaborative discussions on fifth-grade topics, and identify and analyze logical fallacies in speakers’ presentations or from media sources, and learn to deliver speeches in which they state an opinion and support it with a logical sequence of evidence. In Mathematics, fifth graders go deeper into applying their understanding of fractions, gain fluency in multiplying and dividing decimals, graph points on a coordinate plane to solve real-world problems and interpret the coordinate value of points in the context of the situation. Standards-based instruction also includes Science, History-Social Science, Visual & Performing Arts, Health, and more.

9 · 5th Grade
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5 · 5th Grade
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