Marshall Lane Elementary School

Project Cornerstone Book #2 The Day You Begin

Learn more about the lessons learned in the book The Day You Begin

Project Cornerstone Book-of-the-Month #2

Dear Parents/Guardian: 

This month in your child’s classroom, we will be reading the book The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson. This book provides opportunities for conversations around tolerance and acceptance of others, while also ensuring that children are given the tools for taking the first step to make themselves included. It also makes us aware about the importance of creating a caring school climate where everyone feels they belong. The goal is to help the students embrace and nurture each individual for who they are

We discuss these behaviors: 

• Greet each other authentically 

• Don’t make fun of others 

• Resolve misunderstandings and disagreements immediately 

• Listen, listen, listen 

• Speak clearly, directly, and honestly 

• Use your voice 

• Don’t be afraid to ask to be included 

• Ask others to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences 

• Be brave

We hope you will talk with your child about The Day You Begin. To reinforce the message at home: 

▪ Brainstorm ideas to do intentional acts of caring for family, friends, and neighbors. Choose one or two to do together. 

▪ Give positive reinforcement to your child for actions and remarks that show empathy and compassion for others. 

By teaching our children the importance of accepting others and sharing intentional acts of caring, we create a stronger school community where all students feel safe and know that they belong.