Marshall Lane Elementary School

Parking Lot Safety

Safety of our children, both physical and emotional, is the highest priority at Marshall Lane. Arrival and dismissal times can be stressful as families and students rush or linger at school. It is vital that we model the patience and respect we want our children to take into their future.

Please allow yourself time to find parking or plan to walk to school if you are not arriving early enough to complete drop off or pick up in a timely manner. Please be respectful of marked parking stalls and any traffic cones. The middle row of parking places are reserved for staff members.  Please avoid parking in these out of respect for our hard working employees.

Remember that the outside lane is for dropping students off or picking them up.  Please wait patiently for your turn and do not pull in front of the line of cars that are waiting or into the bus area.  Students need to be dropped off and picked up from the passenger side of your vehicle.

Also, please be thoughtful of our neighbors and do not park in front of driveways, obey the parking signs, and be courteous of pedestrian and automobile traffic. We need YOU to help us keep our students and families safe.  Thank you!