Marshall Lane Elementary School

Message from the Principal

Important information regarding Marshall Lane Elementary

Dear Parents,

We have been out of school for just two weeks, but it seems like at least a month, doesn’t
it? We understand how difficult this is for all of you. Students are really missing their
friends and the routine of their school days. Parents are struggling with doing what they
need to do to keep their families afloat. The struggle is real!

As for your teachers, they are working harder than ever to meet the needs of their students.  Not only are they planning lessons, as always, but they are also learning to navigate the challenges of presenting them online to their students. They are completely aware of trying to ensure that the students can be as independent as possible with their assignments but they are also trying to continue to move them forward academically.

Since we have recently found out that we will be unable to return to school until at least
May 1 st , our approach in assisting you to help your students to learn at home is now pivoting from our optional flexible learning plan to expected distance learning. With as much time in school that we now know that our students will be missing, we feel the need to “step it up”.

All of the employees on our staff are working hard every day to meet the needs of the
students. They are our main focus. We are asking for your help and cooperation in
partnering with us in this effort to benefit your child/ren.

Beginning today, all of your students’ assignments will come to you directly from your
child’s teacher. This will avoid having you receive redundant communications about the
same thing. Please check on the platform that you have been using throughout this year to communicate with your teacher. If you or your child have questions, please direct them to your child’s teacher.

Our best wishes to you and your family as we move through this unprecedented period of time. We will get through this together—while social distancing!

Priscilla Spencer