Marshall Lane Elementary School

Mask Wearing and Physical Distancing

Preparing for returning to school

As we begin to prepare for students to return to school, it is important for them to practice the safety precautions that will be in place when children are back on campus. Please have them practice wearing a cloth face covering at home for extended periods of time. Once they are back at school, masks will need to be worn by students at all times, except when eating or drinking water.

We will expect students to be able to practice safe physical distancing while walking around campus, at recess time, and in the classrooms. Please have children practice remaining at least 6 feet apart from others. One easy way to practice is to have two people both extend their arms. Fingertips should not touch while doing this.  This will help students to be able to identify just how far apart 6 feet actually is. 

Practicing the skills that they need will be helpful for all of us when students return. Also, please purchase extra child-sized masks for your children. We will require them to bring two extra masks in a labeled baggie to leave at school in case their mask is forgotten or becomes dirty or wet. One source for good quality, inexpensive child-sized masks is Old Navy at

Students will also need to bring a water bottle to school every day since the drinking fountains will be turned off. Thank you for your help in preparing your children for a successful return to school!