Marshall Lane Elementary School

Drop off/Pick up

Important tips to make for a smoother drop off/pick up experience

Thank you all for your patience as we navigate the new arrival and dismissal procedures. We are refining the processes on a daily basis. 


Bike riding is allowed and encouraged. The bike racks near Campbell Care are available to lock up the bikes. If you walk in, you may also wait for your student(s) away from the cohort groups to pick them up. Please be good role models by social distancing from others.


Here are some reminders that help to make this process smoother:

  • Display the placard with your child’s name in your front window for pick up. This really helps facilitate the process. If you have lost your placard, please make a sign that is 8 ½” x 11” for your window.

  • Pull up as far as possible to allow for cars to move in and out once students are loaded into their vehicles.

  • Do not get out of your car to open the door or trunk for your students. This really slows down the process. Students should enter and exit through the door on the school side and keep their backpack with them. For safety, do not allow your children to get out on the street side of the vehicle.

  • Be sure to send a water bottle and an extra mask or two with your child along with whatever their teachers have asked them to bring.


Together, we can make this a smooth, pleasant process for everyone! Thank you for your support!