Marshall Lane Elementary School

Assessments at Marshall Lane

Assessments are starting

Starting this week, our Marshall Lane teachers are administering assessments in English Language Arts and math to all of our students. This will help our staff to get to know your children better and understand their strengths and learning needs.


Tests for younger students are administered one-on-one by the teacher. Older students perform their assessment on the computer. Parent/teacher conferences will be coming up during the week of October 4th. During this time, information will be shared regarding how your child is doing academically as well as socially and emotionally at school.


A major goal of implementing these assessments is to determine where our students are individually and as a group to inform our instruction and figure out next steps with our teaching. Please encourage your children to try their best on any assessments that are given and on the homework that they receive to continue their learning at home. We need to work together to ensure that this is a successful year for all of our students.