Marshall Lane Elementary School

Scholastic Book Fair and Family Book Fair Night

This year, our pirate-themed Scholastic Book Fair was once again a success!  Thanks to our wonderful PTA for sponsoring this event.  A special thanks to the main organizer, Eileen Weinstein, for her tireless work on this event.  We also want to thank Ann Steele, Jodie Topping, Heather Boger, Brad Hunt, Stacey  Siebold, Lauren Froman, Pallavi Kumar, Kristin Ming-Tanaka and all the many parents that volunteered for a shift.  Your assistance and support of this event is greatly appreciated.

Family Night was the highlight of the week with our own Mustang Chorale putting on an outstanding performance under the skilled direction of Gosia Hoot.  A host of readers entertained students with dramatic readings of some of the new books that were available for purchase.  Thanks to Paula Gossett, Frances Medalen, Kristy Hunt, Sherry Moncrief, and Ann Steele for reading and to Katie Hall for allowing us to use her room for story time.  Happy reading to all!