Marshall Lane Elementary School

Please Help the City of Saratoga!


The City of Saratoga is seeking your help to encourage the parents of students at your school to participate in this short 3-minute survey by December 21, 2018. In April 2018, the City of Saratoga joined the Safe Routes to School effort to increase the number of students using active transportation methods, such as walking and bicycling, and to promote healthy and active lifestyles. This survey will help the City understand the current modes of travel used by students and identify options to improve access for active transportation methods. 

The survey can be found online at You are welcome to use the attached flyer and/or the brief announcement included below:

Please participate in this short 3-minute survey by December 21 to help the City of Saratoga find new ways to encourage children to use active transportation methods, like walking or biking, to get to and from school.