Marshall Lane Elementary School

Parking Lot Reminders

Every day at Marshall Lane, approximately 600 children arrive within a short period of time.  Safety is our main concern, so there are procedures in place to make sure that risks to our students and their families are minimized.  Please read the following guidelines that were sent to you in the summer mailer:

  • Parking spaces in the center of the lower parking lot are reserved for our staff members.  Due to the construction, these are not marked at this time.  However, out of respect for our hard working teachers and staff members, please do not park in the middle spaces.  We greatly appreciate it!
  • Students in Preschool, TK and K need to be escorted to their classrooms by a responsible adult.  Please monitor your child/ren’s behavior while they are waiting. 
  • Students in first to fifth grades may be dropped off by driving through the drop off area adjacent to the ramp in front of the school or in the upper parking lot.  Please do not drop students off in the middle of the parking lot or in the drive through lane for their safety.  The drive through lane is the one that is not adjacent to the curb area.  Students should get out of their car on the school side so they are not emerging into traffic.