Marshall Lane Elementary School

Family Events

Several recent events have been held to provide fun events for our community at Marshall Lane.  Without the support of our amazing PTA and our wonderful volunteers, these events would not have been possible.

Bingo Night was once again a popular event.  This year, it was organized by Jodie Topping, and Allison Conta.  Jim Gannon and Jon Conta were our fantastic bingo callers for the evening and Brent Topping provided technical support.  Thanks to them and all of the families who attended.

Our Pumpkin Walk is a fantastic yearly event that requires the work of lots of people.  Once again, Stacey Siebold headed up this event and did an incredible job!  A special thanks to her for all of her hard work to make this event run smoothly. We are also grateful to the many people who supported the effort to set up, run and clean up this event, especially Shelly and Steven Alleston, Peter Bowyer, Dave Mackin, Lauren Froman, Michelle Gannon, Cody Gordon, Brad Hunt, Ben Nygaard, John Ross, Dave Snider, Dana Theriault, and many other volunteers.  Thank you for all of your efforts on behalf of our students.