Marshall Lane Elementary School

Educational Events

At Marshall Lane, one goal that we have for our students is that they will become lifelong learners.  One of the best ways to encourage our students to demonstrate a growth mindset is to have an ongoing focus on learning something new every day ourselves.

Over 60 parents attended Literacy Night this year to learn how to help their students at home to become better learners. A huge thanks to Sharon Hirsch and Jodie Topping who conducted a very helpful informational workshop and organized babysitting so parents could attend.  The feedback was outstanding.

Parent University for our district was held at Monroe Middle School on October 15th.  Several of our families attended and benefitted from hearing a keynote address by our Superintendent Dr. Shelly Viramontez and our CUSD Board Members.  Parents were also able to attend three 45 minute workshops on topics of interest to them. Thanks to Nedda Ashjaee, Jodie Topping, and Chrissie Ulrey for being members of a parent panel that helped attendees by answering their questions during two of the sessions.