Marshall Lane Elementary School

Award Winners

Not only is Marshall Lane a California Distinguished School, some of our students have also won awards recently. At the Campbell Union School District Board meeting last week, Neha Perela received an award for participating in the Math Kangaroo Program as part of the Forest Hill Team.  Her brother, Nishant Perla also received a math award on the same day!

A number of our students participated in the Spark contest held on May12th at Raymond J.Fisher middle school in Los Gatos. There were only 2 winner places in each category. Marshall Lane had teams winning in all three categories. 
Spark Tank: (Idea is to be based on social entrepreneurship with a non-profit agenda)
First place: Nishant Perla, Arya Resiisieh, and Maxime Pocat (5th Graders)
World Trivia Quiz:(Quiz will be based on world trivia and general knowledg
First Place: Aarannya Chandra and Kabir Chaudhuri (3rd Graders)
Second place: Ishaan Mishra and Arjun Chawla (3rd Graders)
World Dance: (Dance competition will be themed on “Dances of the World”. They did a Bollywood dance with a team of 11 kids and Aarthi  Ramaswswamy choreographed the dance. The dance contest was highly competitive.)
Second Place:(3rd Graders)
Laya Balagopalan
Sameeksha Thirumalai
Ananya Mehta
Kabir Chaudhuri
Neha Perla
Maanya Dixit
Aanya Srivastava
Aditi Mehta
Sahana Kalavagunta
Arjun Chawla
Ishaan Mishra
Congratulations to all of our amazing students who won these awards!