Marshall Lane Elementary School

5th Grade Students Present to the School Board

At our Marshall Lane STEAM Night, our 5th grade students showcased their
Science Innovation Fair projects. Many parents and students viewed their
work and listening to their presentations.

Seven of our students were invited to present their projects at the
Campbell Union School District Board meeting on March 28th, 2019. Morgan
Wallace, Makenna Tanaka, Lili Metanovic, Sadie York, Kotaro Nakamura,
Taiyo Hamburg, and Vishnu Athreya all did an outstanding job explaining
their research reports to the Board. The Board members and district
employees that were in attendance were all very impressed by the projects
and their articulate presentations.

We are very proud of all of our 5th grade students who attended the Board
meeting and did such an incredible job representing Marshall Lane. A big
thanks to them and to their parents for allowing them to participate in
this great opportunity.

Picture of 5th grade STEM participants