Marshall Lane Elementary School

Schools Embrace Inclusion Through Cultural Celebrations, Activities

Educating students about the historical significance of various cultural events and figures 

Schools in Campbell Union School District recognize the importance of celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion. 

“We want to foster a sense of belonging among our students and prepare them to be compassionate global citizens,” said Whitney Holton, Associate Superintendent of Teaching & Learning.

Through multicultural events, assemblies, social studies, and culture-themed activities, students gain a deeper appreciation of each other’s culture, traditions, and historic contributions. 

While we do not relegate the contributions of a group of people to only one month, we do incorporate school activities tied to special observances to reinforce classroom learning. For example, during Black History Month, a time when our nation celebrates the contributions of Black Americans to our country, our students will learn about the significance of black leaders and the impact they have made on our society. 

For Lunar New Year, a vibrant celebration observed by many Asian communities, students learn about the traditions associated with this celebration, and appreciate the importance of learning about and celebrating the rich backgrounds of our students and families. 

Lessons tied to Presidents Day and Susan B. Anthony Day provide opportunities for students to delve into the history of the United States, the women's suffrage movement, and progress made towards achieving equal rights for all.

The efforts to create a nurturing and respectful environment for all students and staff go beyond one-time events. In 2021, the district published its Anti Bias/Anti Racism Statement delineating its resolve “to become an anti-racist and inclusive organization” and to “challenge and improve current practice at all levels in order to provide more equitable opportunities for all.”