Supply Donations

Please see below for suggested donations for the grade level of your child(ren).  This is an optional list of classroom donations and all items are not expected. If you choose to donate, we truly appreciate your generous support.  We appreciate that specific brands mentioned are purchased.  Thank you!

Transitional Kindergarten:

24 glue sticks
1 pack black Sharpies
1 pack colored Sharpies
1 pack jumbo Sharpies
1 pack assorted Flair pens
1 pack assorted highlighters
1 ream of white copy paper
1 ream of white cardstock copy paper
2 boxes of tissue
2 containers of disinfectant wipes
4 packs of baby wipes
1 bottle of hand sanitizer

Gift Cards to Target, Amazon or Lakeshore would help with classroom supplies

Classroom Amazon wish list:

Please note: Students need a full size backpack and a reusable water bottle and snack container with their names clearly marked.


1 box of washable Crayola Markers - “Class Colors, broad line, 10 count”

4 boxes of tissue

12 Elmer’s small glue sticks (disappearing purple preferred)

4 bottles of hand sanitizer (8 oz or larger, please)

1 dozen yellow #2 Ticonderoga Laddie pencils (NOT “My First” pencils, pre-sharpened please)

2 black Sharpie markers

2 colored Sharpie markers (any color is fine)

2 reams of white copy paper 2 reams of colored copy paper (either multi-pack or single colored, pastel colors preferred)

1 ream of white cardstock

4 packs of baby wipes (NOT Lysol, Clorox wipes)

1 box of zip sealed sandwich bags 1 box of zip sealed gallon bags

Gift cards to Target, Amazon or Lakeshore would also be welcomed for school supply purchases.

Please note: each student will need a full-sized backpack to bring to school each day and a reusable water bottle - please label the backpack/water bottle with your student’s first and last name..

1st Grade:

First Grade Optional Supply List 2023-24—just pick a few items!

• 1 dozen yellow #2 Ticonderoga pencils – Standard or Laddie (pre-sharpened)

• 4-6 Elmer’s glue sticks (NOT washable, no purple!) or Avery Permanent glue sticks

• 1 ream copy paper: White or Light Colored copy paper (20 lb weight) or 1 ream Cardstock (White, Manila or Light Colored cardstock)

• 1 pack baby wipes/hand wipes or 1 container disinfecting surface wipes (like Clorox wipes)

• 1 box facial tissues

• 1 box plastic baggies (any size appreciated: snack, sandwich, quart, or gallon)

• 1 pack post-its (any size, any color)

• 1 pack Expo dry erase markers (black or bright colors)

• Sharpie markers (black or colored; fine, ultra fine, or “super size”)

2nd Grade:

3 dozen yellow #2 Ticonderoga pencils -standard, pre-sharpened

Baby wipes (3)

Single colored copy paper 20 lb.

white copy paper

4 Tissue boxes

8-10 oz Hand Sanitizer

Post-it Notes (any size)

Black Fine Point Sharpies

Personal plug-in headphones (essential)

3rd Grade:

Tissue boxes

Disinfecting wipes (Clorox, Lysol)

Baby wipes

# 2 pre-sharpened Ticonderoga pencils

Glue sticks (Avery, Elmers)

Markers (Crayola)

White copy paper

Color copy paper

Ultra fine Sharpies (black or colored)

Fine Sharpies (black or colored)

12 or 24 pack Crayola colored pencils

Post-its (any size and/or color)

Binder paper (wide ruled)

White erasers

Case of small water bottles

4th Grade:

4th Grade Personal Items Supply List:


1 pair student sized scissors

Headphones – inexpensive and comfortable

Shared Items Supply List:

2 fine point black Sharpies

2 large boxes of Kleenex tissue

5 glue sticks

2 reams white copy paper

2 highlighters (any colors)

2 dozen pencils of your child’s choice (mechanical or standard)

5th Grade:

Personal Items:

1. Backpack

2. Three-ring binder (1½") w/ metal rings and a pocket inside the cover. * Big “Trapper Keeper” type organizers are cool, but they are too bulky for our desks * 2" binders won't fit in their tiny desks either, and plastic rings are too flimsy.

3. Dividers for the binder (5)

4. Vinyl or nylon pencil case (to go in binder)

5. A 5-subject, spiral bound notebook - college ruled

6. Binder paper - college ruled (additional paper will be needed throughout the year)

7. At least three pencils (mechanical, .07mm)

8. Hand held pencil sharpener (for school supplied pencils and colored pencils)

9. Two, non-erasable, “non-clicking,” ball-point pens (any color except red, black, or yellow)

10. Wooden or metal ruler with both standard and metric units (avoid see-through plastic)

11. Small pair of safety scissors

12. Small, plastic pencil box (to store pencils, pens, and other supplies in desk) About 9 x 6” in size (bigger won’t fit in their desks ☹)

13. Clipboard

14. Protractor

15. Black Fine Tip Sharpie pen

Shared Items: to be collected and stored in class

1 box of facial tissue

While you are out…

Perhaps you could send one or two of these items.

Fun Colors Sharpies

Fun Colors Dry Erase Markers

Colored Copy Paper

White Copy Paper

Card Stock

Baby wipes

Additional facial tissues