Marshall Lane Elementary School

Yearbook Design Winners

Each year, Marshall Lane provides our 5th grade students with an opportunity to create designs to be used in our yearbook.  This year, we had 18 incredible submissions!  Thanks to all of the students who participated.

The winner of the contest will have his design on the cover of the yearbook.  This year’s winner is Joey Pannattoni from Ms. Sizemore’s class with his “Mustangopoly” design.

In second place with a design that included our Mustang mascot is Mimi Yamato in Mrs. Rose’s class.  Her design will appear inside the yearbook.

In third place with a Marshall Lane Star design has two artists—Madeline Crowley from Ms. Sisemore’s class and Amanda Bradshaw from Mrs. Howard’s class.  Congratulations to our top winner and thanks for lending your talents to this effort.

The third place design along with the other 15 designs will appear on the back cover of the yearbook.  They were submitted by the following students:

Keion Ashjaee-Marshall from Mrs. Rose’s class

Rasa Atluri from Mrs. Howard’s class

Scarlett Coke from Ms. Sisemore’s class

Mercedes Collins from Mrs. Howard’s class

Reva Diwan from Mrs. Howard’s class

Sinchana Holla from Ms. Sisemore’s class

Trinity Johnson from Ms. Sisemore’s class

Kenneth Lin from Ms. Sisemore’s class

Logan Moore and Maxim Pocat from Ms. Sisemore’s class

Shaurya Pedapati from Mrs. Howard’s class

Nishant Perla from Mrs. Rose’s class

Sophia Piskyuleva from Mrs. Howard’s class

Regan Steele from Mrs. Howard’s class

Eryn Wong from Mrs. Howard’s class

Jerry Yu from Mrs. Howard’s class

Thanks to all of our artists and congratulations on your talent!  We appreciate you!