Marshall Lane Elementary School

Testing Reminders

Standardized SBAC/CAASPP testing is beginning on May 1stfor students in 3rdto 5thgrades.  Please remember to have your child to school on time every day having a good night’s sleep and eaten a healthy breakfast.  Students should bring a water bottle to school every day so that can remain well hydrated.  Please do not plan any family trips or non-emergency appointments at this time. It is essential that all students complete all tests.  Practice Questions

Also, electronics of any kind are not allowed during the assessments. Therefore, teachers will be collecting all cell phones and Apple watches during the testing period.  It would be helpful if these items remained at home from May 1stto May 31stunless your child absolutely needs their devices for after school purposes.

Thank you for partnering with us to assist in educating your child and continually assessing our progress.