Marshall Lane Elementary School

How to Prepare for the First Day of School

Help prepare your child for the school year by ensuring they are mentally and physically ready for school ahead of time since it is very important for students to be at school every day on time. Setting up a routine from the beginning will help your child and the family out in the long run. Some ideas may include having your child prepare their clothes, shoes, and backpack on nights before school days to simplify your morning routine. Choose whether they will have hot lunch or cold lunch the evening before. For children who are bringing their lunch set up a routine of preparing as much of the lunch as possible the night before.  We discourage parents dropping off lunches after school has begin as it disrupts class time to let students know that their lunch is in the office. It is better to have your child bring their lunch with them at the beginning of the day. Developing a family process to fix lunches and get things ready for school will help instill individual responsibility and time management skills early on for your child. 

Marshall Lane is a highly committed community that works collaboratively to support all of our children on the road of inquiry and learning. We look forward to our partnership with you this year.