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Marshall Lane LCAP
Marshall Lane LCAP is going to a public hearing on June 4th and for Board approval on June 25th.  Local Control and Accountability Plan
Math Resources
This year, the Campbell School District is using Eureka Math (also known as Engage New York Math).  Parents have approached us with some questions about the new strategies that are being taught to their children.   Our Instructional Services Department has created a website with a lot of helpful information.  Check it out at http://campbellmathparentresources.weebly.com

 Homework Policy

  1. Homework (Governing Board Policy 6154)

The Governing Board believes that appropriate homework provides benefits in many ways:

·    Homework can provide a daily or frequent check-in to measure a student’s grasp of concepts taught in class, and highlight for the classroom teacher areas needing additional focus. Homework assignments are designed to extend and practice what has been learned in the classroom, and students should be able to complete the homework assignments independently. Parents, or persons assisting with the homework may notify their children’s teachers if the children struggle with completing the homework assignments independently, as this may highlight for the classroom teacher areas needing additional focus

·    Homework can be used to direct creative efforts and research projects that extend beyond the practical boundaries of the day-to-day classroom.

·    Regular homework assignments encourage students to develop self-discipline, self-reliance and prioritization skills. In certain cases, homework provides parents with a useful way to monitor the academic progress and capabilities of their children.

·    Homework is most valuable where it leads to timely feedback and targeted instruction by classroom teachers to students.

·    The Board believes homework should be purposeful, and also values learning opportunities that result from extra-curricular activities and time spent with families and friends. 







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